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Mansfield has always attracted a large and, legal, Polish immigrant community. Imagine how they must feel about our frontiers, my second ‘F’, being open to thousands of illegal immigrants. We need to stop the UK being a place where illegal immigrants want to come. We need to stop Britain from being a welcoming place for illegal immigrants. I'll work to make it illegal to provide work for such people, or benefits, or housing. These should be reserved for British people and legal immigrants. Why are illegal immigrants problematic?

• because they are illegal;
• use of your taxes to fund them;
• take away housing from British residents;
• demands on already stretched medical system;
• occupy jobs that should be filled by British residents;
• keep wages low;
• higher proportion of criminals;
• less likely to assimilate;
• dilute our cultural heritage;
• possible terrorist threat.

We are a proud island nation. We can stand alone and not be dependent on other countries. Depending on others for fuel, energy, resources, food ••• It is crazy, when times are hard, reliance on others can lead to problems of supply (as in the pandemic and in the present energy crisis). We voted to leave Europe but we are still tied to it. Why? Reform UK will cut the remaining ties and make us truly independent.

Does it affect Mansfield? It's too easy to say, "it isn't our problem". Problems for the UK are problems for each of us. Our frontiers are our borders and, our borders define us as a nation. Our culture and our way of life. Be proud to be British. Buy British, Think British, Work British.

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