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Seven years on from our momentous vote to leave, we still have not done so.
Northern Ireland has been left behind – subject to EU laws, made by its legislature and adjudicated its court. What sort of country allows a foreign power to rule its people? All without so much as a single shot being fired?
And if you think we, in Great Britain, are better off, think again.

Boris’s Brino committed us to being aligned with EU state aid, competition, employment and environmental law. We cannot buy British first. We cannot support our own industries without falling foul of EU regulations. And we are bound into net zero insanity through the same deal. Our country is being sunk in a morass of EU regulation. Brexit should have been about ejecting all this nonsense and making policy for British National Interest – not that of the EU’s Single Market!

The capitulation does not stop there.

There are still over 4,000 other EU Regulations on our statute books. These are laws made by the EU for the EU – not for the UK. They were adopted into our statute books WITHOUT ANY SAY by Westminster. An unelected bureaucracy in Brussels made laws for its interests and, even though we are no longer obliged to abide by them, abide by them we do.

Kemi Badenoch blames the civil service for not having the courage to ditch these laws. In doing so she is admitting two things:

• after 13 years in government, the Conservative Party is out of control. It cannot even control its own administration – how useless is that?
• the Conservative Party has given up on Brexit.

She also says a complete survey of these laws must be undertaken just in case the binning of some of them might have adverse consequences. She is talking nonsense. British law works differently to European law. In the UK everything is allowed unless a law specifically prohibits it. In Europe nothing is allowed unless a law specifically allows it. Ditching laws in Europe may therefore be difficult. You may inadvertently prevent honest endeavour. But not so in our wonderful country. Ditching these laws would simply return us to the status quo before they were foisted on us.

No - the truth is Brexit has been betrayed. Sunak and the Conservatives, elected by the British people, have instead decided to ignore the biggest democratic mandate in history and serve, instead, the European Union.
The United Kingdom has been partitioned and put into servitude to the EU.
The only hope of defeating these malign forces is through root and branch Reform!!