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My name is Tony Jones and I am your local spokesperson  for the Reform UK party. I have lived in Mansfield for over 40 years, in the same  terraced house off Westfield Lane. I am married with four grown children. My children were all born in the King's Mill Hospital's Maternity Unit. They all grew up in Mansfield and attended Mansfield schools. I started my career teaching at The Brunts School (1976 -1983), and then, I moved to Portland Training College on Nottingham Road (1983 -1990). Eventually, working all across the UK and, indeed, the world (I spent three years in Taiwan) for businesses and self employed.  I am educated to Master's Degree level (University of Sheffield) and have attended London University, Cambridge University, Sheffield University and, finally, Manchester University.

Following a stroke in August 2020, I am now severely disabled (left hemiplegia) with no speech. You can read the story of my first terrible year following the stroke here. I realise that I am not a typical candidate but I am willing to try and overcome my disability to represent Mansfield.
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14 Titchfield Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 6AF
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BREXIT imageBREXIT image
Seven years on from our momentous vote to leave, we still have not done so.
Northern Ireland has been left behind – subject to EU laws, made by its legislature and adjudicated its court. What sort of country allows a foreign power to rule its people? All without so much as a single shot being fired?
And if you think we, in Great Britain, are better off, think again.

Boris’s Brino committed us to being aligned with EU state aid, competition, employment and environmental law. We cannot buy British first. We cannot support our own industries without falling foul of EU regulations. And we are bound into net zero insanity through the same deal. Our country is being sunk in a morass of EU regulation. Brexit should have been about ejecting all this nonsense and making policy for British National Interest – not that of the EU’s Single Market!

The capitulation does not stop there.

There are still over 4,000 other EU Regulations on our statute books. These are laws made by the EU for the EU – not for the UK. They were adopted into our statute books WITHOUT ANY SAY by Westminster. An unelected bureaucracy in Brussels made laws for its interests and, even though we are no longer obliged to abide by them, abide by them we do.

Kemi Badenoch blames the civil service for not having the courage to ditch these laws. In doing so she is admitting two things:

• after 13 years in government, the Conservative Party is out of control. It cannot even control its own administration – how useless is that?
• the Conservative Party has given up on Brexit.

She also says a complete survey of these laws must be undertaken just in case the binning of some of them might have adverse consequences. She is talking nonsense. British law works differently to European law. In the UK everything is allowed unless a law specifically prohibits it. In Europe nothing is allowed unless a law specifically allows it. Ditching laws in Europe may therefore be difficult. You may inadvertently prevent honest endeavour. But not so in our wonderful country. Ditching these laws would simply return us to the status quo before they were foisted on us.

No - the truth is Brexit has been betrayed. Sunak and the Conservatives, elected by the British people, have instead decided to ignore the biggest democratic mandate in history and serve, instead, the European Union.
The United Kingdom has been partitioned and put into servitude to the EU.
The only hope of defeating these malign forces is through root and branch Reform!!
Net immigration to the UK in 2022 has demolished all records.

The final total was 606,000. That means a city approaching the size of Birmingham added to our population every other year.

This breath-taking number will shock millions of people around the country. It is far beyond the previous record. We expect the 2023 figure will be similar or higher again.

The Tories have lied to us on a massive scale. They continue to lie. The impact on our way of life will be huge. No one will trust them again.

This is an historic betrayal of our country. Four Tory Prime Ministers promised to cut immigration to 100,000 or less.

The Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for was about taking back control of our money laws and borders.

Instead, the Tories deliberately opened our borders after Brexit. One of Johnson's first steps was to cut salary and skill thresholds for foreign workers. That meant immigrants could stay here on a salary as low as £20,480, undercutting British workers. Jeremy Hunt extended these rules even further.

The government's failure is staggering. Today's number doesn't even include the 45,000 illegal immigrants who crossed the channel last year. Some were dangerous sex offenders , drug dealers or terrorists. Many are still living in luxury hotels and working illegally, at our expense. It is utter chaos.

The consequences for our country are dire.

Since 2010, nearly four cities the size of Birmingham have been added to the population. On today's news another two will be added in just 4.

It's hard to imagine such a vast number. It means ever more unaffordable housing for young people. Even longer NHS waiting lists. Harder to see a GP. Enormous pressure on school places. Massive implications for public safety.

It means more pressure on living standards and wages. The poorest will suffer the worst. Even the Chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility recently admitted mass immigration provides no economic benefit on a per person basis.

It has major implications for our British culture our values and sense of identity.

This is a huge failure of government responsibility. They have plunged our country into permanent crisis.

Reform UK isn't just the answer. We are the only answer.

Even after today's news, Keir Starmer won't commit to cutting net immigration. In fact, he wants to give the vote to 5 million EU Citizens living in the UK. That is from the man who campaigned for a second EU Referendum. I wonder what he has in mind?

Today's news means the battle for Brexit starts again.

The big lie has been exposed. There is no difference between Labour and the Tories. Both have betrayed Brexit.

At the next general election the British people will have a clear choice. Only Reform UK will renew the fight for Brexit. Only Reform UK will take back control of our borders our money and our laws. And the only Net Zero that Reform UK wants is Net Zero immigration.

Britain needs Reform and Reform needs you.

Today's news is a body blow for our country. But it is also a huge opportunity to begin the fightback. To restore trust in politics and renew our democracy.

We must safeguard Britain's future as a proud, independent sovereign nation. We can Make Britain Great.

Concerns imageConcerns image
What do you consider to be the three main issues facing Mansfield? What is concerning you?
• It may be the cost of fuel, food, or energy;
• It could be community crime;
• drug abuse;
• It might be nuisance neighbours;
• Quality of our high streets and town centre;
• Dog owners allowing misbehaviour; 
• Flytipping;
• Homelessness;
• Housing;
• Refuse collection; 
• It may be access to health care or,
• It might be something like the state of our roads.
(to give but a few examples).

What would be the first three things that you would change if you could?

Please email me at

with your concerns. 
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West Bank Ward imageWest Bank Ward image
I am standing as a candidate in the local elections in May for the West Bank Ward in Mansfield. I hope that I can count on your support if you live in the ward. 

Putting the GREAT back in Britain

Reform Mansfield is a website dedicated to providing information about the Reform UK party as it applies to the citizens of Mansfield. It will be a safe space in which you will be able to share your concerns, thoughts, and ideas. Please, support me as I venture forward as a person of disability.

I will campaign to implement the four F’s:.. Finance, Frontiers, Freedom (of speech), and finally, Family and, faith in our culture. I believe that Reform UK stands for all of that. I want to make a difference, and reform the UK! . The stroke took away my ability to walk, and my voice, but not my brain.

Reform UK imageReform UK image
With inflation set to hit 22% in 2023, we need a party committed to reducing the cost of living and protecting us all. Reform UK has a sound fiscal policy to tackle this issue. People are worried. How to pay for everything. It is no joke when you're already struggling to make ends meet. Energy costs are growing higher and higher. We punished Russia and now Russia is punishing us. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet, independent from reliance upon other countries. We have to put the Great back in Britain. Make us great again. We should be friends with other nations but not reliant on them. Can we make it on our own financially? Of course we can! We once ruled the world, we can be great again. Let's fly the flag. Buy British, Think British, Work British.

Reform UK pledge to:
• reduce taxation for all;
• raise the threshold to £20,000 taking thousands out of taxable income;
• cut VAT on energy bills;
• reduce VAT;
• reduce energy levies;
• scrap Net Zero (that is pushing up prices);
• unleash the treasure under our seas and our earth;
• make us energy independent;
• put the Great back in Britain;
• reduce inflation;
• scrap the TV licence;
• put more money in your pocket.
Frontiers imageFrontiers image
Mansfield has always attracted a large and, legal, Polish immigrant community. Imagine how they must feel about our frontiers, my second ‘F’, being open to thousands of illegal immigrants. We need to stop the UK being a place where illegal immigrants want to come. We need to stop Britain from being a welcoming place for illegal immigrants. I'll work to make it illegal to provide work for such people, or benefits, or housing. These should be reserved for British people and legal immigrants. Why are illegal immigrants problematic?

• because they are illegal;
• use of your taxes to fund them;
• take away housing from British residents;
• demands on already stretched medical system;
• occupy jobs that should be filled by British residents;
• keep wages low;
• higher proportion of criminals;
• less likely to assimilate;
• dilute our cultural heritage;
• possible terrorist threat.

We are a proud island nation. We can stand alone and not be dependent on other countries. Depending on others for fuel, energy, resources, food ••• It is crazy, when times are hard, reliance on others can lead to problems of supply (as in the pandemic and in the present energy crisis). We voted to leave Europe but we are still tied to it. Why? Reform UK will cut the remaining ties and make us truly independent.

Does it affect Mansfield? It's too easy to say, "it isn't our problem". Problems for the UK are problems for each of us. Our frontiers are our borders and, our borders define us as a nation. Our culture and our way of life. Be proud to be British. Buy British, Think British, Work British.

More on this topic on the Opinions Page
Freedom image
My third F is Freedom. Freedom to:

• enjoy more of your earnings;
• choose the schools that you want;
• speak your mind without fear of reprisals;
• go about your business without fear of crime;
• see a doctor within a given time frame;
• to have your operation without delays;
• put on the heating without fear of huge bills.

Our freedom is so precious, yet we have taken it for granted. Our freedom is so valuable, yet so vulnerable. The restrictions on our freedoms by the Government during the Covid pandemic amount to a major erosion of our rights and civil liberties. Governments are very good at imposing temporary measures, but very bad at getting rid of them — income tax was a temporary tax on the rich to pay for a war over 200 years ago!

Reform UK will campaign relentlessly to:

• Return all the freedoms and liberties that we enjoyed before Covid. Every single one.
  We are the only party making this commitment.
• Free us from the woke nonsense that pervades through Westminster and far too much
  of our lives.
• Restore true freedom of speech.
• Restore the democratic right to protest.
Free Speech Zone imageFree Speech Zone image
Reform UK would give the people of the UK the power to speak their mind without fear of being cancelled. Reform UK believes that a person has the right to dissent from commonly accepted opinion. We would cancel the 'woke'. As long as your speech did not:

• incite violence;
• slander another;

and you were prepared to put your name to it, you could say pretty much anything without fear of being cancelled. Others, would of course, be equally free to respond to your comments and criticise your views. If your views are racist, you will deserve all the criticism that you will undoubtedly receive. However, you will still have the right to voice your opinions even if Reform UK does not share them. Reform UK is definitely not racist. We support all the legitimate people of the UK, no matter what their ethnicity. Your level of ability, ethnicity, religious belief, or sexual orientation does not concern us, providing you are:

• tolerant of others of different position / persuasion;
• a legitimate citizen of the UK;
• non-violent;
• not a terrorist.

The UK will be a free speech zone. 

My fourth F is Family. Keeping the family safe during these troubled times. Maintenance of British culture and values. Knowing that you will be able to meet the challenges of daily life. Having:

• economic security;
• more of your income in your pocket;
• the knowledge that the UK is energy
• that you will be able to afford the bills
  when they arrive;
• employment security;
• timely access to see a doctor;
• good quality policing;
• choice in education;
• reduced inflation;
• not to purchase a TV licence;
• the knowledge that the country is in
  safe hands;

Family imageFamily image
United Kingdom image
Buy British
Think British
Work British

Lend Reform UK your vote and we will give you the power to change the UK for the better.

I will use the term "British" to mean the whole of the UK from the Shetland Islands to the Channel Islands and everything in between.

These three areas are explained on the Opinions Page
The Tories have been in government for 12 years. That’s 12 years of broken promises.

It was all just Tory talk. Families, communities and businesses around the country have been devastated. Trust in government has been destroyed. And for good reason. Here are just 12 of many promises the Tories have broken. One for each year of office.

1. David Cameron promised to keep net migration numbers to “tens of thousands.” “No ifs. No but’s.” Theresa May set an annual limit of 100,000. Boris Johnson guaranteed to control our borders.

How’s it working out? In 2022 net migration numbers reached a record high of 504,000. Another record was broken with 45,000 illegal migrants crossing the channel. Most were smuggled over by criminal gangs.

Nearly four cities the size of Birmingham have been added to the population since 2010. That’s millions of extra GP registrations. Record NHS waiting lists. And enormous pressure on housing and school places.

2. The Tory record on tax is no better. In 2019 they pledged not to raise any form of tax for five years. Instead, they’ve raised nearly all of them, making millions of people poorer. Jeremy Hunt’s austerity budget wiped out a decade of income growth. Millions have been dragged into higher taxes by freezing or reducing thresholds. Corporation tax has gone up for the first time in 50 years. And our tax burden is set to rise to 37.5% of GDP. The highest level since WW2.

3. They promised a “stronger more dynamic economy.” But after tax hikes, botched trade deals, shameful levels of waste, disastrous lockdown policies and the self-harm of Net Zero, our economy is barely growing at all. With Britain’s resources and talent, we should be the leading western economy.

4. They promised to control the national debt. Remember that 2010 election poster? A picture of Gordon Brown saying, “I doubled the national debt. Let me do it again.” In fact the Tories did it again. They more than doubled the debt from £1 trillion in 2010, to nearly £2.5 trillion today.

5. David Cameron promised a “bonfire of the quangos.” He said they were “one of the main reasons so many people feel that nothing ever changes.” Johnson, Truss and Sunak agreed. In 2010 the cost of quangos was £90 billion. In 2021 was a staggering £265 billion. Now they want another quango to "restore trust" in our institutions and…democracy.” You couldn’t make it up!

6. But with all that spending, surely they’re building those 40 new hospitals they promised? Only 5 have been started. Even worse, the number of hospital beds has fallen from 184,000 in 2010 to around 158,000 today. This is one of the lowest number of beds per capita in the developed world.

7. The Tories promised full control of our fishing waters after Brexit. Instead, we saw a complete and utter sell-out of our fishing fleet. The EU still have access to our waters. Our fishermen are way short of their rightful quotas and they still have to dump good fish back into the sea.

8. The government promised safe streets and neighbourhoods; To “take violent criminals off the streets and protect us.” Instead crime is at record highs including knife crime and police are solving the lowest number of crimes ever. The bobby on the beat is extinct. Or maybe they are just too busy virtue signalling on twitter.

9. For nearly 10 years the Tories have promised to leave the European Convention on Human Rights and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. But unbelievably our laws are still being overruled by biased, unaccountable, poorly qualified European judges.

10. The Tories also promised to “champion freedom of expression and tolerance.” But their online safety bill wanted to put people in prison for hurting others’ feelings. Even worse, across the UK the Tories have stood and watched while woke, cancel culture destroys freedom of speech in public life.

11. The 2019 Tory manifesto promised to support entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Yet this sector has been crushed by regulations and new tax rules. Self-employed numbers are down by 20%.

12. And finally, Brexit. We were promised full control of our borders, our laws and our money. After more than 6 years of deliberate delays, obstructions and reversals, Brexit has been betrayed.

There have been so many broken promises over the years. It’s difficult to find a promise they kept.

Our country deserves so much better. We are a nation of lions led by donkeys. But we don’t have to put up with Tory talk. Reform UK is now the 3rd largest party in the polls. We have nearly 600 candidates ready for a general election. We are recruiting hundreds of new members every day. The Tories are running scared.

I can’t wait to start our 2023 campaign, and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you as we take our message to doorsteps around the country. In the meantime I want to thank you, my fellow Reformers, for all your hard work and support. We have a massive opportunity to reform the way our great country is run. To serve the people not the elite. To restore trust in politics. To make Britain Great.

A message of hope from Richard Tice for the New Year 2023
Message from Nigel Farage image
Dear Supporter,

Even before the rumoured new Swiss-style sell out to the European Union, the Conservative Party was already in deeper trouble than it knows. The game of musical chairs in Downing Street may be over for now, but the party is stuck at about 20% in most opinion polls. After twelve years of Tory rule, the only concrete achievement it can point to is that it “got Brexit done”. (In fact, even this claim barely stands up to scrutiny when you take into account the way Northern Ireland has been left in limbo).

So, are we close to another ‘Chequers deal’ surrender, as we saw under Theresa May in 2018? The fierce denials from government ministers and Rishi Sunak in his address to the CBI this week may reassure some, but I'm far from convinced.

The appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer on 14 October and the installation of Sunak as Prime Minister 10 days later represent nothing less than a coup. Any belief in a growth-driven strategy, or of encouraging the enterprise of Britain’s millions of small businesses, has died. There can be no more pretence. This government is a high tax, big state, social democrat betrayal of all that the Conservatives have ever stood for. A softening of our relationship with the bully boys of Brussels would be entirely in keeping with its current identity.

Even before this latest row there was growing disenchantment among Brexit voters at the sheer inertia at government level. Just “getting Brexit done” is nowhere near enough on its own. The majority of Red Wall voters who handed Boris Johnson an 80-seat majority three years ago did so in the expectation that immigration into our country would be reduced. Yet last week the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast net migration at roughly 224,000 in 2023 before holding steady at 205,000 per annum from 2026 onwards. Given the 1.2 million visas that were issued over the course of the last year, the OBR’s figures probably represent the tip of the iceberg.

What has really brought matters into focus, however, is the continued failure to deal with the English Channel emergency. For months, hotels across the country have been filling up at an estimated cost to taxpayers of £7 million every 24 hours – that’s close to £300,000 an hour. There are now 40,000 people being accommodated in this way. Chaos on this level is completely unacceptable, to say nothing of unsustainable.

When British citizens – many of whom are struggling to pay their own bills – see young men from different cultures hanging around in their towns and villages, they feel an understandable sense of confusion and anger at the lack of control shown by the state. The state’s first duty is to protect its own people, a principle that seems to have been shredded without discussion. Most Brexiteers did not vote in 2016 for thousands of people to turn up in the UK uninvited and have public funds lavished on them in this way. Taxpayers want to know what those who claim to be in charge are doing about this.

In recent weeks, a PR campaign has been mounted to lead the public to believe that the government’s relationship with the EU is improving and that a better deal with Northern Ireland is close at hand. And Sunak virtually fawned over President Macron at their recent meeting in Egypt. It can only mean one thing: our position on the EU is slackening. The ultimate consequence of this will be to make it easy for the next Labour government to sign up Britain to the single market again. Brexit in Name Only (BRINO) seems to be on its way.

Many Tory MPs with whom I have spoken are hoping against hope that the party can turn this situation around. Let me save them a lot of trouble: it isn’t going to happen. The Brexiteers and free-marketeers have been reduced to a backbench rump. Sunak, who allegedly voted for Brexit (though was noticeably quiet during the referendum campaign) and Hunt (an out and out Europhile) run the show now.

All of this means that the conditions for a new insurgency in British politics are ripe. Some polling for the Sunday Telegraph this month asked the question: “Would you be interested in voting for a new Nigel Farage-led party?” It found that 38 per cent of Conservative voters would consider supporting a new party led by me, with 43 per cent of Brexiteers saying the same. The most popular reason for doing so, among 62 per cent of respondents, was that "we need someone to stand up for ordinary British people".

I was flattered by these results, but there's one thing I want to make clear. I was the founder of Reform UK, a political party that came directly from the Brexit Party. Over the course of the last few weeks, thousands of former Conservatives have joined Reform UK and paid their subscriptions. The party’s poll ratings have climbed as high as 9% recently, putting it above the Liberal Democrats. As honorary president of Reform UK, I communicate regularly with its leader, Richard Tice, and have been kept up to date with his preparations to field a full slate of candidates at the next general election. I can confirm that there will be no more deals, no more standing aside. The Conservative Party needs to understand just how many people in this country now believe that it is the problem and not the solution. Public trust has been frittered away.

Inevitably, some will cry: “But all you will do is let Labour in.” My answer is simple: so what?

Whether I take a more active role in Reform UK in future will depend on the extent of the betrayal of Brexit. But at the risk of stating the obvious, I didn't spend 25 years of my life battling to secure a seemingly hopeless cause only to watch Jeremy Hunt give it away.

Many Thanks,
Nigel Farage Honorary President of Reform UK
The Tories have betrayed Brexit.

In 2016, 17.4 million of us voted to take back control of our borders, our laws and our money. Brexit also meant a fresh start for communities around the country.

On almost every measure the Tories have failed. Net migration has broken the 500,000 mark to set new records. Over 40,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the channel this year alone. On some days criminal gangs bring nearly 1,300 migrants across – enough to fill a small holiday ferry. Meanwhile woke civil servants book out 4-star luxury hotels to house them.

Many British families can’t afford a holiday next year. Yet they’re the ones footing the bill of £7 million every day. For years the Tories promised to stop this welfare bonanza. But they’ve taken us for fools.

Since the ConSocialist coup against Liz Truss, the Tories have shown even more contempt for us.

Jeremy Hunt hit struggling communities with a devastating austerity budget. It was a tax on working people. He could have cut waste such as HS2, or billions in handouts to renewable energy. Instead, he chose to make you and your family poorer. It was completely unnecessary.

This comes on top of self-harming Net Zero policies. An utterly broken NHS. Tory sleaze and corruption. The tragic legacy of the lockdown and much more.

The Government has taken a wrecking ball to Britain.

So it’s no surprise the Tories think that now is the time to betray Brexit. After all, like Brussels bureaucrats, the Sunak Government is unelected. They think they can do what they like.

They deny plans for a ‘Swiss-style’ agreement with the EU. But no one believes them, and for good reason. In the same week as that revelation, Rishi Sunak turned to Gordon Brown for advice. And now Remain activist Will Dry is a special advisor in No. 10.

Furthermore, leaked plans for a “Swiss-style relationship” left out something important. In 2021 Swiss ministers walked out of talks with the EU. They wouldn’t compromise on protecting their welfare system and high wages for working people. If only our government had their courage.

They don’t, and it’s worse than that. Never forget that both Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt voted for Theresa May’s withdrawal bill - the worst deal in history. Hunt even said that failure to vote for it could lead to ‘No Brexit’.

That means they voted to follow EU rules on competition, the environment, employment and state aid. We would have been in a new customs union under the European Court of Justice. They were ready to lock us into the EU as a vassal state, paying Brussels up to £60 billion for the privilege.

Remember that most of the 277 Tory MPs who voted for this betrayal are still in Parliament. Labour only voted against it because they wanted even more of a sell-out!

Yet with all their planning and scheming since 2016, they still couldn't close a free trade agreement with America. Even when President Trump offered a "massive' deal. We still have no deal with India and only just signed an agreement with Australia and New Zealand last year. These delays are totally unacceptable. But top civil servants oppose Brexit even more than the Tories, so it’s no surprise.

We can judge them by their words as well as their deeds. Tory Remainers still describe us as ‘fanatical’, ‘hard right’ or ‘extremist’. So that is what they think of people who believe in democracy? These words betray a contemptuous mindset that will reverse Brexit at the slightest chance.

Many Remainers would rather Britain fails, than admit they were wrong.

Maybe that explains the self-sabotage of Jeremy Hunt’s budget, strongly supported by the Remain establishment. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said our economy will shrink the most out of the G7 countries.

The Office for Budget Responsibility says we must accept the “biggest fall in living standards since records began”. Even the Bank of England claims we will be in recession for over a year. Bank Governor Andrew Bailey blames Brexit.

But why should we believe them? The OBR has a woeful track record in recent years and the OECD has received over a hundred million euros from the EU in the last decade.

But I expected more from the Governor of the Bank of England. Yes, the global economy is facing challenges. But he and government ministers should be talking our economy up, not trashing it.

Pessimism has always been an excuse for failure.

The Tories are failing. Their policies have made millions of people around the country poorer, colder, hungrier and less safe. Now they are playing the blame game and Brexit is the number one target.

I believe in Britain and I know that it just doesn’t have to be like this. Brexit gives us the freedom to grow our way out of hard times. Only Reform UK understands this. Only we have a fully costed plan to cut tax, support growth and reduce inflation. And only Reform UK will secure our borders with a pick-up and return policy for illegal migrants.

We are the only party that believes in Britain, that is optimistic about our future and the opportunities that Brexit brings. That means we must be ready to fight a general election whenever it comes, and win our first seats. We are the only party that can build the future that 17.4 million people voted for and millions more people want. There will be no Brexit betrayal while Reform UK stands.

Sick & Tired imageSick & Tired image
Are you sick and tired of:
• inflation?
• fuel prices?
• our open borders?
• the cost of food?
• waiting for an appointment?
• rising crime?
• woke cancel culture?
• being afraid to voice an opinion?
• present day insecurity?
• future uncertainty? 
• Conservative mismanagement?
• lack of leadership?
• political privilege?
• parliament over the people, and not, people over parliament?
• government excuses?

You and just about everyone else! What are you going to do about it?
What can you do?
Vote for reform.

Things have to change.
It's time for reform.

It's time for Reform UK! 
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Join Reform UK and support the party of common sense politics. You can help to make a difference. Make Britain GREAT again.
Click on the blue text. 

Let me know what you think. Please be polite.