Freedom image
My third F is Freedom. Freedom to:

• enjoy more of your earnings;
• choose the schools that you want;
• speak your mind without fear of reprisals;
• go about your business without fear of crime;
• see a doctor within a given time frame;
• to have your operation without delays;
• put on the heating without fear of huge bills.

Our freedom is so precious, yet we have taken it for granted. Our freedom is so valuable, yet so vulnerable. The restrictions on our freedoms by the Government during the Covid pandemic amount to a major erosion of our rights and civil liberties. Governments are very good at imposing temporary measures, but very bad at getting rid of them — income tax was a temporary tax on the rich to pay for a war over 200 years ago!

Reform UK will campaign relentlessly to:

• Return all the freedoms and liberties that we enjoyed before Covid. Every single one.
  We are the only party making this commitment.
• Free us from the woke nonsense that pervades through Westminster and far too much
  of our lives.
• Restore true freedom of speech.
• Restore the democratic right to protest.