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Reform UK would give the people of the UK the power to speak their mind without fear of being cancelled. Reform UK believes that a person has the right to dissent from commonly accepted opinion. We would cancel the 'woke'. As long as your speech did not:

• incite violence;
• slander another;

and you were prepared to put your name to it, you could say pretty much anything without fear of being cancelled. Others, would of course, be equally free to respond to your comments and criticise your views. If your views are racist, you will deserve all the criticism that you will undoubtedly receive. However, you will still have the right to voice your opinions even if Reform UK does not share them. Reform UK is definitely not racist. We support all the legitimate people of the UK, no matter what their ethnicity. Your level of ability, ethnicity, religious belief, or sexual orientation does not concern us, providing you are:

• tolerant of others of different position / persuasion;
• a legitimate citizen of the UK;
• non-violent;
• not a terrorist.

The UK will be a free speech zone.