Net immigration to the UK in 2022 has demolished all records.

The final total was 606,000. That means a city approaching the size of Birmingham added to our population every other year.

This breath-taking number will shock millions of people around the country. It is far beyond the previous record. We expect the 2023 figure will be similar or higher again.

The Tories have lied to us on a massive scale. They continue to lie. The impact on our way of life will be huge. No one will trust them again.

This is an historic betrayal of our country. Four Tory Prime Ministers promised to cut immigration to 100,000 or less.

The Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for was about taking back control of our money laws and borders.

Instead, the Tories deliberately opened our borders after Brexit. One of Johnson's first steps was to cut salary and skill thresholds for foreign workers. That meant immigrants could stay here on a salary as low as £20,480, undercutting British workers. Jeremy Hunt extended these rules even further.

The government's failure is staggering. Today's number doesn't even include the 45,000 illegal immigrants who crossed the channel last year. Some were dangerous sex offenders , drug dealers or terrorists. Many are still living in luxury hotels and working illegally, at our expense. It is utter chaos.

The consequences for our country are dire.

Since 2010, nearly four cities the size of Birmingham have been added to the population. On today's news another two will be added in just 4.

It's hard to imagine such a vast number. It means ever more unaffordable housing for young people. Even longer NHS waiting lists. Harder to see a GP. Enormous pressure on school places. Massive implications for public safety.

It means more pressure on living standards and wages. The poorest will suffer the worst. Even the Chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility recently admitted mass immigration provides no economic benefit on a per person basis.

It has major implications for our British culture our values and sense of identity.

This is a huge failure of government responsibility. They have plunged our country into permanent crisis.

Reform UK isn't just the answer. We are the only answer.

Even after today's news, Keir Starmer won't commit to cutting net immigration. In fact, he wants to give the vote to 5 million EU Citizens living in the UK. That is from the man who campaigned for a second EU Referendum. I wonder what he has in mind?

Today's news means the battle for Brexit starts again.

The big lie has been exposed. There is no difference between Labour and the Tories. Both have betrayed Brexit.

At the next general election the British people will have a clear choice. Only Reform UK will renew the fight for Brexit. Only Reform UK will take back control of our borders our money and our laws. And the only Net Zero that Reform UK wants is Net Zero immigration.

Britain needs Reform and Reform needs you.

Today's news is a body blow for our country. But it is also a huge opportunity to begin the fightback. To restore trust in politics and renew our democracy.

We must safeguard Britain's future as a proud, independent sovereign nation. We can Make Britain Great.