With inflation set to hit 22% in 2023, we need a party committed to reducing the cost of living and protecting us all. Reform UK has a sound fiscal policy to tackle this issue. People are worried. How to pay for everything. It is no joke when you're already struggling to make ends meet. Energy costs are growing higher and higher. We punished Russia and now Russia is punishing us. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet, independent from reliance upon other countries. We have to put the Great back in Britain. Make us great again. We should be friends with other nations but not reliant on them. Can we make it on our own financially? Of course we can! We once ruled the world, we can be great again. Let's fly the flag. Buy British, Think British, Work British.

Reform UK pledge to:
• reduce taxation for all;
• raise the threshold to £20,000 taking thousands out of taxable income;
• cut VAT on energy bills;
• reduce VAT;
• reduce energy levies;
• scrap Net Zero (that is pushing up prices);
• unleash the treasure under our seas and our earth;
• make us energy independent;
• put the Great back in Britain;
• reduce inflation;
• scrap the TV licence;
• put more money in your pocket.